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A Lifelong Dream...

Joyful Hands has been a lifelong dream that has manifested itself into an educational driven initiative where our vision is “to hand children knowledge that will empower them to create opportunities for themselves, and experience a more joyful life”.

With our Joyful Hands nonprofit initiative, we are fostering the importance of education and literacy by providing school supplies, as well as school tuition assistance for underprivileged children.

In addition, our organizations’ central goal is to build reading rooms/libraries in remote, underserved locations and villages. In doing so, children can go to our location to get educational resources, such as books to improve their literacy skills, arts and craft supplies to cultivate their creativity, as well as receive homework assistance.

As we kicked off our initiative, we started a partnership with Bweh-Kaetae Academy, located in Monrovia Liberia. With this partnership, Joyful Hands was able to sponsor roughly five hundred enrolled students by providing school supplies, which in turn improved the children’s “grades, creativity, attitudes towards learning, behavior, peer relationships and self-image”. Reported by the Dean of education at the school. Education is often considered one of the most important first steps to overcoming poverty. A single pack of pencils and paper could be the gateway to a bright and promising career.


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As a young girl growing up in Liberia, I recognized at an early age the challenges faced by my fellow Liberians as it pertains to education and poor literacy. Many youths around the world especially in third world countries are victims of government corruptions, years of civil wars that not only destroyed economy system, but it’s healthcare system, along with its educational system as well, year of civil wars left many families displaced, leaving children to become orphaned. In some cases, it was not uncommon for these stranded children to become swept up in an unforgiving environment, only to be forced by threats of violence and death to become child soldiers.

As a result, many countries in sub-Saharan Africa suffered a decline in the prioritization of education, resulting in a below sub-standard educational threshold, resulting in a direct correlation to an increase in poor literacy. Many countries similar to Liberia has a high-cost, low-performance educational system that does not compare favorably with the educational systems in other West African countries.

This is why an organization such as Joyful Hands is fundamental in the lives of children that are experiencing similar life challenges. We strongly believe education is one of the core goals of transforming communities and generations. A community that can learn is a community that can control its’ future. It can adapt, developing skills to break from the cycle of poverty. 

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Our Mission

It is our mission to positively contribute purposeful solutions to the ongoing challenges that many non-affluent children face around the world as it pertains to their academic endeavors. In addition to providing school supplies and reading materials in to improve literacy through charitable donations and outreach initiatives, we also aim to equip children with the tools needed to develop into confident, self-reliant individuals who can enrich their communities and become contributing members of society.

With our Joyful Hands nonprofit organization, we are fostering the importance of education and literacy by providing school supplies, as well as scholastic access for underprivileged children.

Additionally, in an effort to reach those who are in need of such resources in remote locations and villages, we have committed ourselves to the humbling challenge of building and providing mobile reading rooms and libraries in remote locations and villages. In doing so, children will have a place to go to for homework assistance, engage in collaborative thinking, as well as have a space for their academic minds to be nourished.

Donate & Get Involved

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Your monetary donation is not only contributing toward our building funds but you are also helping sponsor a child by directly assisting them with school tuition fees, enabling them to attend school.

Help us make a difference.

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